Bel's morning make-up routine

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  • Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish, from The Body Shop
  • Vitamin E SPF 15 Moisture Lotion (Moisture Lotion, people, not just a boring ole moisturiser!!)
  • Aloe Calming Toner, also from The Body Shop
  • Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner spray bottle
This Vitamin C cleanser has been my go-to for years, as it has that gentle gritty exfoliating feel I like and while heavy duty enough to get off all the make-up I never remove before I go to bed, doesn't completely strip out my skin. Thus, I can skip all that fussing late at night and safely know that I will be a panda-free zone by the time I get out of the shower.

I don't really know what the deal is with toner, but after getting in a goodie bag this Dermalogica toner in its handy dandy spray bottle, I was jumping on the bandwagon anyway. It has a delicious smell exactly like a lemonade popsicle and so I would just quickly spray a nice mist across my face and then let it dry off while I did something else like put on deodorant.

When it ran out I figured I'd just rinse it and refill with the other one I'd been ignoring (it came as 'your free gift' with a matching face cream). I'm not sure if my skin is revelling in any particular direct benefits, I'm not very good at noticing things like that, if anything I'd put it down to my moisturiser.

This Vitamin E one from The Body Shop is an absolute favourite. It is very lightweight, so doesn't make me go too greasy.

Plus! It has sunscreen in it. I love knowing that every day I already have a layer of sunscreen on. Lou has mentioned in the comments of a previous blog about how moisturisers with inbuilt sunscreens are The Business.


First up, I don't wear foundation. Never have. (Except for school productions, with a nice layer of Pond's cold cream underneath.) Tinted moisturiser is about as close as I get, but it's tough to find one that also has SPF, so I just rely on my youthful good looks and even skintone instead.

I do like to use concealor, mostly just under my eyes. I've been using a Shisedo one which doubled as a neutral base lightly over my eyelids to help my eyeshadow stay put. But that ran out and I'm too lazy/poor to restock.

  • 'Shimmer Cubes' eyeshadow quad from The Body Shop
  • Black liquid eyeliner, from The Body Shop
  • Make-up brush with synthetic bristles 
A neat little compact with complementary shades is the easiest thing to have around. Revlon do a nice one if you're into cream eyeshadows (easy to smudge on with your finger*, and no worries about dusty bits if you are a fretful contact lens wearer).

These ones above are great because the colour is shimmery without being sparkly and subtle enough for the boring ole office, although blending with a bit of water means you can go for something more dramatic quite quickly.

I use liquid eyeliner to get a dark line on my upper lids, with that cat's eye flick. For some people it is a bit much, but I am too way too obsessed by ladies like this and this and this to give it a rest. I got one of those ladies at a cosmetics counter in a store to show me how, and then it just takes practice. I am literally almost blind out one eye and can still manage to get it on evenly, so don't try your excuses here!

I get my brows and lashes tinted, so I only wear mascara when it is a Special Occasion. Or, you know, if I feel like it.

*If you are using your finger to apply eyeshadows in general, stop. Splash out and get some make-up brushes. Go on. Your make-up will last longer (on your face and in the pot), it's less icky and you will feel a bit posher. But have a heart and buy synthetic bristles. Does a nice woodland boar really need to die for you?

Cheeks and Lips:

  • Powder blush in 'Sweetness' by MAC
  • Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in 'Gabrielle'

Despite, or perhaps because of, my lack of foundation, tint or bronzer, I am a fan of blush. I think some folks are still freaked out by the 80s connatations, but it is such a simple way to instantly look fresher and even healthier.

This MAC blush has such amazing kapow colour I only need the tiniest bit on my fold-up-able-into-its-own-lid awesome blusher brush. It gives me a ridiculous dollface look. My other blush (yes, folks, I have TWO, how sophisticated) is the also highly recommended Shisedo Colour Stick, which comes as a tube, like a thick lipstick, and is very easy to apply.

My lipstick is a garish red. Why not, I say. There's usually a lip balm rattling around my bag too and I alternate between reapplying the two throughout the day.


You'll have noticed the words 'free' and 'sample' frequently occured when I listed my belongings. That's because that shit is awesome.

I always get put off buying make-up I actually need (see: concealor) because it seems really expensive up front for something so teeny-tiny that only I use.

I forget about what joy everyone gets from the end result (SNORT LAUGH) and that actually it lasts me for ages, so is totally a worthwhile investment. But looking out for when places are doing those 'free gift' deals can actually be a cheaper way of padding out your make-up bag - oh and keep an eye on Trade Me too. There's plenty of brand name stuff on there for much less than you pay in stores.

Okay and that's all the fabulous news I have for now! Goodbye darlings!

One thought on “Bel's morning make-up routine”

  1. Hmm I might give that orange face wash a go...

    I had the same concealer for YEARS AND YEARS (gross), and then finally replaced it after getting an awesome "free gift" from No.7 that also included my new fave lip gloss.

    FYI: I read recently that olive oil works as a great eye make-up remover and was very skeptical until I put a teensy tiny quantity onto a cotton square and barely even touched my eyelid and voila - all traces of eye-liner vanished.