30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 25

Posted by Bel. The time is 3.03pm here in Wellington NZ

What I would find in your bag

Funny, I am sure that Lou and I did this via email at some stage?? Fuck we must've been procastinating something chronic!! Haha.

Currently I am rocking a backpack, not a handbag, as I am doggedly walking to and from work, which is a nearly two hour round-trip. (Yes I am exceedingly proud of myself, and did I mention it is all uphill on the way home? Because IT IS.)

And to top it off, my backpack is a castoff from my stepdaughter, who got it free when she signed up to her gym. So it is emblazoned with a "City Fitness" logo. Shaaaaame! I would use my own backpack, which is a perfectly lovely red Kathmandu one, but it was purloined by my husband, who used it to transport paint and - well, you can imagine.

Anyway, inside my (shame) backpack is:

  • iPod Nano (silver, ancient)
  • keys with Eiffel Tower keyring bought at the Eiffel Tower and Snowy keyring, exactly like this:
  • Misery mirror compact (gift when I left a workplace, chosen by Lou and Hayley I'm willing to bet!)
  • Maybelline "Royal Red" lipstick my mum gave me that her partner didn't want
  • Chanel "Rouge Coco - Gabrielle" lipstick I splurged on and always hold conspicuously
  • Nutrimetics "Strawberry Cream" lipstick (actually a hot pink colour)
  • Business cards for my fulltime job
  • Business cards for my freelance job
  • Snapper card
  • Gym swipe card
  • Wallet (from Iko Iko so long ago the pattern is almost worn off!)
  • Shoes: nice looking work shoes OR shaaaaame trainers, depending on whether I am at work or on my way there (Walking. Two hours round-trip. Uphill all the way home. Did I mention?)
  • Water bottle. ALWAYS.
  • Hair brush, the round barrell variety. To keep my FRINGE!! in check
  • Travel size Fudge hair product. Ooh this exact one:
  • Journal
  • Assorted biros, Sharpies, etc
  • Recycled plastic shopping bag, for my lunch

My "proper" handbag is still containing most of my usual essentials (i.e. useless crap and pointless kept receipts), in the wistful hopes that the backpack will be spurned and rejected for a more fashionable alternative. We'll see. I may yet get sick of my current routine. (I walk to and from work at the moment, did I mention?)

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 25”

  1. I think it was me and Sarah... (probably just me, with them nodding a yes)

    Stick with the backpack! One of my shoulders is especially fucked due to my allergy to backpacks and thus insistence upon carting around a heavy handbag for a couple of hours each day.

    So you're walking to work then? Something made me think that...

  2. Why, yes, Lou! I am! Some of it's uphill, did you hear?? ;P

    Yeah, I must admit, I am quite enjoying using a backpack and not destroying my spine. If only it was trendy, like back in the 90s when we were all wearing those ridiculous small-sized patterned or patent ones...

    (I don't actually ever want that to come back in, fyi.)