19 Days Till 30: Shopping oaths

| Posted by Lou | The time is 1.40pm here in London UK |

Today with my internet blinking in and out and still without the ability to upload images, I'm going to do a little one:

Shopping oaths for my 30s

  • I must stop buying shoes that don't fit properly/ are hideously uncomfortable.
  • I must stop buying clothes that I'm really not sure about and will probably only wear a couple of times.
  • I must not buy skirts or tops that do not go with anything I own and thus will remain unworn.

I've said these things to myself a million times before, and yet still completely disregard them...

One thought on “19 Days Till 30: Shopping oaths”

  1. If you stick to these oaths - which sound similar to my frugal goals of late - I think you will find yourself in the same situation that I'm in: hardly ever buying anything!! haha