30 Days Of Me: Bel's Day 28

Posted by Bel. The time is 4.51pm here in Wellington NZ

A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

My sister-in-law got married almost exactly one year ago. Her anniversary present was a newborn baby - WHAT A HARDOUT!! haha. Here are some pics of me from back then, October 2009, and also her looking like a super glam classic bride:

I toned my fushia dress with yellow tights and a polka dot fascinator. I did my hair in a bouffant in the LITERAL 2 MINUTES I had to get ready and threw on my biggest, sparkliest earrings for good measure.

Here is a photo of me from approximately 355 days later:


A year later and I am still determined to not so much 'colour block' as colourfuck. Teal cardigan with green tee-shirt and a blue scarf. And oooh how long did it take you to style up that puffy fringe, Bel? Bet you managed to stay focussed for all of 1x iTunes track.

Funnily enough, when both those photos were taken, I was living in the same house, working the same job, doing pretty much the same thing with my life. Somewhat unheard of for the last decade or so.