18 Days Till 30: Dickwaddery

Posted by Lou The time is 1.20pm here in London UK

I was going to write a post about Hair, for which I took this photo of myself on Friday night, having gotten a haircut during the day:

Notice anything funny about it?

Let me point it out:

Yep, I got home after a few post-work wines and put my hoodie on backwards without actually noticing this fact until about 5 hours later when I went to bed.

What. A. Dickwad.

Now I've talked a lot about things I was to change/ start doing/ stop - but dickwaddery is one that I genuinely want to hold on to forever.

Life would be so boring without being a total dickwad from time to time.

One thought on “18 Days Till 30: Dickwaddery”

  1. Can I just say I probably never would have noticed what a total dickwad you were being, on account of how AWESOME your hair looks??! :D