30 to 30: In which I finally learn the importance of dental hygiene

| by Bel | 2pm NZ time |

Until earlier this month, I hadn't been to the dentist in a long time. A really long time. Only one other time since I'd turned 18, in fact.

The long awaited check-up (#44 on my Day Zero Project list) revealed that I had a cavity in need of a filling, and a thorough clean to get rid of years of built-up plaque. Gawd, the clean was the worst bit of all. My hands were shaking - I had not expected that to be so intense.


The dentist was also able to confirm that I have no wisdom teeth. None at all, not ever. He told me that this evidently meant I was "more highly evolved". THAT'S A DIRECT QUOTE, PEOPLE. FROM A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

My youngest brother has only one wisdom tooth, whereas the other has a full set. He's the only one of us who doesn't need glasses though - so I've decided we all need to get body x-rays to check whose appendix is the smallest, so we can confirm which of us siblings is the most refined genetic specimen.

Why do we avoid things that we know are actually good for us? Money, I guess. That's hugely off-putting. It cost me about $300 all up for the clean and the filling - and most people have told me that's a pretty good deal. Unless you're actually in pain from your neglected, rotting teeth, it's easy to just spend your money elsewhere.

Live action shot of me cleaning my teeth.

But I am now determined to be a responsible teeth owner and go for an annual check-up, as well as using a soft brush, rinsing with mouthwash and even FLOSSING*. Perhaps that more highly evolved part of me is finally taking hold!

*The dental hygienist emphasised the importance of flossing (ugghhh) and said "You don't have to do it when you brush your teeth. You can do it any time, even just while you're watching TV." Is this a thing?? Are people out there, watching Shorty Street as they seesaw dangling bits of floss through their teeth?! Really?? I compromised and am doing my flossing while in the shower. Which is way more normal.

30 to 30: Bel's turn.

| by Bel | 2.35pm NZ time |

Remember how Lou did that daily 30 Days Til 30 thing? Counting down the final month between her and her 30th birthday?

Well, time marches on and now we arrive at my last days in my 20s.

I know, Lucy, I KNOW.

I kick off the action on May 30th (HOW APPROPRIATE) and will be covering the same topics that I attempted to bully Lou into covering. I will also need extra writing ideas, so feel free to drop 'em in the comments.