30 Days Till 30

| Posted by Lou | The time is 12.10pm here in London UK |

30 days stand between me and my 30s, so I thought I'd continue on the 30 Days of Me habit and do a post per day, this time setting my own subjects.

They will range from lifestyle changes I am making (or trying to make), things I want to do between now and 30, things I want to do post-30, things I'm leaving behind as I get older, random thoughts, whinging about the signs of ageing, etc.

Requests welcome from all you youngsters out there for whom the 30s are a distant nightmare...

3 thoughts on “30 Days Till 30”

  1. YAY. I was missing the 30 days of me fix. Perhaps you could have an 'Outifts of my 20s' and then speculate on future fashion forwards and backwards.

    (Really I just want to see more of the reindeer dress.

  2. Ooooh FUN!!

    Here's my list for you:

    - What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up When I Was Little

    - My First Kiss

    - My Most Recent Kiss

    - Beauty Tips for Those Approaching Doom/Their 30s

    - Things I Believed To Be True When I Was Younger That I Know Wish To Slap Myself For

    - Things I Learnt Before I was 5

    - Things I Learnt While I was a Teenager

    - Things I Learnt By The Time I was Nearly 30

    - Things I Will Never Learn No Matter What's Good For Me

    - I Will Be This _____ Kind of Old Woman

    - If I could have My 30th Birthday in any other Time/Era....

    - 30 Things/People/Whatevs That Inspire Me in Small or Strange Ways

    ...Ok that is all for now but WOW I really got into that. Is there such a job as creating lame internet memes for procastinating bloggers or something? No??