30 Days of Me: Lou's Day 24

Posted by Lou. The time is 2.00pm here in London UK.

A letter to your parents

To mum and dad,

Why oh why didn't you make me get braces on my teeth? Yes, I know that you are right when you respond "well, there was no making you do anything!" - I am a stubborn person and yes I would have (okay, did) kick up an almighty fuss - but couldn't you have made me?

Now I'm stuck with wonky teeth for life when all it would have taken was a few dozen tantrums, lots of tears, and 2 years of being miserable when I was in my mid-teens. (I was miserable anyway!)


One thought on “30 Days of Me: Lou's Day 24”

  1. Join the wonky teeth sisterhood then pet.
    I wanted to add in a photo of Noel Gallagher's bad teeth here but the blogger copy thinggy wouldn't let me.

    I'll let you imagine...