30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 29

Posted by Bel. The time is 4.20pm here in Wellington NZ

In this past month, what have you learned

  • Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty are brother and sister.
  • That the leading cause of death worldwide for women aged 15 - 19 years is pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Tasty Cheese Corn Thins actually taste like tasty cheese. Or, you know, tasty cheese flavoured flavouring. But it's one of those authentic flavouring flavours. Not like the way that banana flavouring ever is.
  • That a group of protesters starting up chanting "Hey mister mister - keep your laws - off my sister" will successfully get rid of a man who has been persistently haranguing women holding placards, despite them insisting there's no point in "talking" if he's not interested in listening to their point of view. More photos here.
  • At my gym assessment, they told me I had lost 1kg this month. But don't worry! I lost my hairdryer and it turned out it was just in the bag with all the cleaning products that we hadn't unpacked, so chances are it won't stay lost.
  • 60% of purchases made at Hallensteins are made by women.
  • Boardwalk Empire was created by the guy who wrote pretty much my favourite episode of The Sopranos (other than the pilot), the one when they fuck up killing the guy and get stuck in the snow and have to eat the ketchup sachets and Paulie moans for like an hour.
  • I'm married to someone who doesn't like spring onion.
  • Internet Explorer now has less than 50% of the market share for internet browsers for the first time; gaining ground is Chrome and Firefox apparently.
  • Babies get born when they wanna. This is not usually on a schedule convenient to anyone else. I know the whole 'too posh to push' 'calendared caesarean' thing has copped a lot of flack, but SHEESH what else are we supposed to do?? Just sit around and WAIT for those little tyrants?!
  • The Coen Brothers' new movie looks awesome:
  • My 10 year old stepdaughter googles me.
  • Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings are playing the Opera House in December. I will BE! THERE! BABY! Second row from the front even. (Then I will run out of my seat to right in front of the stage and block the view of those suckas in the front row MUAHAHAHAAA)
  • "You don't have to keep something just because someone gave it to you". So liberating.

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 29”

  1. I know! I think she has been keeping it quiet all these years, I mean - come on - wouldn't he be the worst brother??

  2. I am actually pretty sad to see the end of this 30 days of me... it's been awesome learning more stuff about two such wicked people. Nice one ladies!
    I did know about Shirls, but I respected her clear wish to keep stum about her sacko'shite bro. True Grit looks totally fab-u-lous. That's a christmas time escape the family movie I reckon.