23 Days Till 30: Shit, I'm old

| Posted by Loul | The time is 5.45pm here in London UK |

Today was going to be a request from Lotte, but as blogspot has disabled image upload for a few hours and I have nothing prepared I am instead going to say:


I really thought I'd be older when I turn 30.

Which sounds silly, but... I really did.

One thought on “23 Days Till 30: Shit, I'm old”

  1. Sure you're pure ancient.

    Listen, it was the same at 21, and I'm betting it will be the same at 40.

    We just have to embrace joy and not stress over the small stuff (like recycling... long story, see blog).
    You're great Lou, really you are. You've achieved LOADS it's just a matter of your finding a perspective on that.