25 Days Till 30: I Will Be This _____ Kind of Old Woman

| Posted by Lou | The time is 1.34pm here in London UK |

Bel asks what kind of old woman I will be.

Well, I think we all know that I'll be a pervy old lady who keeps cats and stomps her walking stick on the verandah at the troublesome neighbourhood youths.

And I'll probably look like this while doing it:

Yes, that is me (aged 23). This was the last Christmas with Grandma.

Whilst my Grandma was probably more likely to comment on the loveliness of the neighbourhood kids and give them baked treats, she did embody some traits I am sure I will inherit: finding one's own self funnier than anyone else does (or than you find anyone else); persisting in eating cakes and lollies despite your doctor telling you not to; and insisting that all positive qualities shown in Grandchildren were directly and solely passed down by your own genetics, most particularly intelligence.

I'll probably also still be emailing Bel 5 times a day, swearing a lot, and drinking too much.

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