16 Days Till 30: The Camera

| Posted by Lou | The time is5.53pm here in London UK |

One thing I really, really want to do is figure out how to use my Lomography Diana F+ well. I mean, it does look pretty sitting on my shelves:

but it would also be nice to be able to feel like I did just buy myself an extremely expensive ornament by actually, you know, taking photos with it.

My first attempt resulted in a blank film. Which left me not wanting to use the half-shot film sitting in it further - was it the way I was taking photos? Was it the fact that I loaded it in a mid-lit room?

As 120 is quite expensive to buy and process I don't really want to find myself paying for nothing, or missing great photos because I'm doing it wrong. (The blank film was of the Parthenon and Santorini.)

A colleague has told me that she had the same thing happen and that it is to do with requiring a dark room when loading/ unloading the film. But I'm still paranoid my technique is wrong.

Oh well, only one way to find out... I shall cut my losses and ditch the current film, load in a dark room, tape (as recommended by Bel & Mark), and get myself a private tutorial with aforementioned colleague.

I can figure this out, right?

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