26 Days Till 30: New habits

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I'm trying to form some new habits for a new decade, which is much easier said than done with even remembering to watch Mad Men on Wednesday nights stretching me to the limits of my habitualness. No harm in trying though...


Ah, the big one that we all wrest with periodically. I've accepted that I need to do more exercise, and also need to deal with my sore and damaged shoulders. Taking into account the limits - lack of any clothing, shoes or equipment; and apathy that would stop me actually going somewhere in order to do the exercise - I settled on home pilates rather than the more popular "join a gym and pay for a year but go for a month" trick.

The first attempt was spectacularly unsuccessful - 3.5 minutes into a 10 minute "body blast" routine I was staring at the television going "what. the. fuck." as the instructor lifted her feet back over her head. So I took it back a step and started with Pilates for Dummies. Which is now of course too basic...

Basically the current idea is to make myself do the latter (a 40 min routine that is more like a cardio workout) at least once a week, and then the 10 minutes routines (particularly the shoulders one) 4 times per week.

Week one went well, exceeding my target. Week two was on target. Last week was absolutely terrible. And I haven't done any yet this weekend. Um. Might go do some right now...


I've been saying for probably about a decade that I'm going to learn to play the guitar. For the past 4 years or so it has been talk of the more realistic task of getting and learning to play the ukulele. And interspersed throughout that whole time has been the idea of taking singing lessons.

30 is going to be the year that I finally get in touch with some form of musicality in my life, whether it be the ukulele or singing or both or something else. Coz watching X Factor doesn't really count, does it?


I hate getting out of bed. As I have confessed before, I am very rarely ever on time to work. I've been trying hard though lately and have actually managed to get to work on time on multiple occasions. A slight problem though in that Friday was the first morning that the cold winter feeling of never wanting to get out of bed hit. But I'm going to keep at it...

Fitting in with this is that in the morning I generally am running so late that I just grab a pair of earrings and make absolutely no other effort to accessorise, I just shove my hair into a bun for the tube, and vary make-up only between black or blue eye-liner. Perhaps it might be time to start mixing it up a little (oooh). Ideas welcome!

2 thoughts on “26 Days Till 30: New habits”

  1. Depending on the length of your tube journey (and the availability of seating) no reason why you can't sex it up a bit and paint your nails... there's a great brand called 'Butter London', play around with eyeshadow, that's as easy to put on as eyeliner, have a crack at matching a lipstick shade to something you're wearing...
    All little tricks. I'm sure you can think of more interesting ones for yourself! :)

  2. CC I have also heard good things about Butter London! :D

    Having a routine helps me make sure I get the make-up thing done each morning and look all pretty.

    And by 'routine' I don't mean some complicated procedure out of a glossy magazine with piles of expensive products, I mean a few steps which have been whittled down to their absolute minimum so I can get them down without any hassles!!

    Hmmm I might do a wee blog about this exactly...!

    PS no X Factor does not count, not unless you are intending on auditioning :P