12 Days Till 30: The Big Fear

| Posted by Lou | The time is 1.50pm here in London UK |

I'm really, really, quite genuinely (and rather irrationally) worried that on the day I turn 30 there will be an audible biological click that will leave me wanting one of these:

It would be convenient for "OHMYGOD I WANT A BABY SOOOO BAD" to be less biological instinct and more like a light switch that can be flicked on and off, but we all know the reality is that it can hit any moment...

Unfortunately I've moved from "I AM NEVER HAVING BABIES EVER ARGH NO WAY BLURGH" to "oooh look at the cute baby". Which leads me to believe that the above will happen one day.

But having seen the effect it has had on one of my close single friends who has had a sense of desperation and urgency to meet a sperm doner, err I mean husband, cast a depressing and counter-productive fog over her life for the past couple of years, all I can say is:


4 thoughts on “12 Days Till 30: The Big Fear”

  1. You recall I had a loud tick in my mid-late 20s - I think it had to do with the arrival of my nephew and wanting him to have a cousin close to his age, then my niece was born and it stopped, get your siblings to have more children if you don't want any.

    I'm now more at a "meh" stage, but as Sam has never wanted kids it fits in with my plans perfectly.

    I have been warned that a switch flips in your late 30s for a year or so and then goes away again ... ovaries screaming "last chance before I shrivel" perhaps?

    We should totally form a super league of awesome aunties!

  2. I always imagined the ticking of a biological clock to be like a death-watch beetle in the wall, conveniently appearing in your most sleepless hour. And also, I reckon people who already have children hear them too: I expect mine to start up at my last chance to give Rata a sibling (not on your life, ovaries, I'll cut you out if I must...)

    But may I just add that I am honoured to have you (and Sonal and Bel) on my super league of awesome aunties.

  3. You guys - can we be like Aqua Teen Hunger Force?? Can I be the fries?! :D

    After Mark and I had been married a year or so (read: 2 seconds) people started asking if we were going to have babies. I enjoyed pointing out that the sound of my biological clock ticking had been soundly drowned out by the noise of the two daughters I'd instanteously accumulated THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

  4. I had the urge, badly, in my late twenties. Perhaps unusually have always wanted children (and been deeply unfashionable as a result. ;]) Now I am finding that, well, I don't.

    Perhaps its a result of circumstances, growth, or a lack of someone who I could have kids with, but I figure if I want children badly enough in the future, and am in an ok place in my life then I can adopt.

    The thing is Lou, perhaps you will, perhaps you won't. The choice is ultimately yours. For your friend it's possible she isn't finding someone as she has convinced herself what she wants because of society's expectations rather than a soul desire.

    @ Bel, you are cetainly one of the coolest stepmothers I could imagine.