13 Days Till 30: High Heels

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I don't wear high heels. Ever.

I did have a pair of high-heeled boots at uni I would wear out [hideous Pulp ones with the big clunky heel - blurgh!] - but that stopped the night my knee seemed to go out of joint a little and it became physically incapacitating to wear them.

Now all high heels evoke for me these infamous McQueen creations - like an alien appendage hanging off your leg.

I will confess to seeing the appeal of high heel shoes - for example I find these McQueen ones that popped up while I was searching for the above to be utterly gorgeous:

...but who the fuck would want to wear that?

People who wear heels often tell me that it's just a matter of wearing them through the pain until your feet (and legs, and hips, and spine) adjust - and this is the real sticking point for me.

Is any aesthetic worth the pain and potential long-term damage?

YES say the lovers of high-heels across the world. NO says I.

(The women I really feel bad for are the ones who don't love high heels, but just don't see them as an optional thing in life. Yesterday a colleague was talking about how she was going out that night so was going to have to wear heels, but the ankle she twisted last year is still giving her trouble when she wears them - when I said "why not just not wear them?" her horrified response was "but I'm short!")

Anyway, the reason I write this post is that England a lot of people seem to find it utterly baffling that I go out wearing flat shoes, or - gasp - meet men wearing flat shoes.

A real conversation [with a gay man colleague] I once had regarding the fact that I was seeing a gentleman friend that evening:

"Are you going to wear high heels?"
"Do I ever wear high heels?"
"Are you going to straighten your hair??"
"But you're at least going to put on some lipstick?!"

Gasp! Didn't I get the Memo For Ladies?!

So I'm quite determined to not wear high heels. Ever.

But sometimes I find myself in shops looking forlornly at the lack of awesome "going out" flats and then gazing at the heels section and finding myself veering...

But no. Someone with a history of knee problems, a dodgy hip, and a stubborn chip on their shoulder about the physical incapacitation of women caused by the fashion industry will surely hold strong to their position?!

But... Louboutins are so pretty...

Oh well, at least I can't afford them!

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  1. Teeheehee I love the way that Louboutin shoe on the right is keeling over slightly, as if it is a bit achey and needs to sit down and take a load off! ;)