30 Days Till 30 : Work

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Work, my career (or lack of), and the workplace are all things I've talked about before in-depth (particularly on my old blog).

This one is in the category of Things I Have Learned and takes the form of the golden rule that you all must learn and live by (if you don't already (which I hope you already do)).

Are you listening? Here it is:

You must stand up for yourself.

Even if you have the bestest boss in the world, even if you're buddies with your co-workers, even if you think your workplace is great: ultimately you are the only one who actually cares.

This goes for salary, job titles, promotions, or even just your everyday working conditions.

Me, standing up for myself at work
(okay it's Joan)

Such a simple thing but a lot of people (including myself) have a lot of trouble getting past the barrier of feeling like it's pushy/ demanding/ selfish/ arrogant/ etc. It's not, and you probably think that because you're probably a woman and you've probably spent the past [insert age here] years being taught to be "nice".

The reason this one is my first post is that it is top of my mind at the moment having yesterday practised what I preach and laid down the law to my boss demanding recognition and salary for What I Actually Do. The outcome is a commitment from him to see that it happens. (Watch this space!)

My advice is to know your rights in the situation, have evidence to support what you are saying, have a clear end result in mind, get to the point, and speak with confidence. Oh, and don't take no for an answer.

2 thoughts on “30 Days Till 30 : Work”

  1. Hear hear!

    I would add to this by saying something that I know you know, which is that it's worth getting legal advice if you ever think you're getting dicked around or in a vulnerable position - even if it's just having a lawyer friend advise or read over something...

  2. Facebook has taught me a bad habit, in that when I like something I want to say 'Like! Like! Like!' but I will try to be more constructive than that. You are utterly right: when it comes down to it, you are the only person who cares about your salary/job description/conditions because they'll end up on your CV, not somebody else's, and unless you stick up for number one, and ignore the drumming that you're 'Part Of A Team' nothing is going to change. And you'll probably be left behind, clinging to the radiator in the freezing cold basement. (Though if you had to ask for the radiator then at least you can say that!)