30 Days of Me: Lou's Day 25

Posted by Lou. The time is 2.45pm here in London UK.

What I would find in your bag

I think Bel and I have actually done this by email twice... Shame!

Okay here we go - this is the contents of the purple leather shoulder-bag I've been using the last couple of weeks:

  • A massive collection of keys connected to my "cat of glory" key ring. Hmm one of the big fat keys is for the rubbish repository of my apartment complex - do I really need to be carrying this around??
  • Eye-drops
  • Oyster card in an Institute of Contemporary Arts oyster card holder
  • My work pass - which I can assure you is not hanging on a lanyard despite repeated and futile attempts by security to get me to use one
  • iPod nano - red with my name on it, FYI (in a crusty cheap red rubber holder as I love the actual iPod so much I didn't want to get it scratched... but doesn't this kind of defeat the purpose of having a lovely red iPod?)
  • My Nokia brick phone
  • An umbrella with a toon of Shakespeare and many of his quotable quotes printed on it
  • Sunglasses in case - incidentally I complained to Fiorella about how shit the sunglasses are a few weeks ago (they do not stay on your head when you swish them up into your hair - hence several scratches from concrete landings, and a couple of near misses with toilet bowls)
  • Kitty change purse
  • Red little wallet with Maori design
  • Pocket mirror with NZ map imprinted (gift from mum when I left NZ)
  • Pen from what appears to be a German hotel
  • Red spotty zip-up purse thing containing:
  • compact
  • kleenex travel pack
  • sticking plasters in Hello Kitty plaster case
  • Japanese good luck pouch with a blessed wish thing inside (I assume)
  • pink lip-gloss (which was free in a No.7 gift bag)
  • tiny notepad with a stilleto-heeled boot print on it
  • Kiehl's lip balm
  • nail file
  • 3 hair ties
  • Boots tinted lip balm
  • Carmex
  • 2 throat lozenges
  • a tampon
  • 2 ibruprofen
  • a little black lip-pot sized container with body butter in it
There would usually be a book too but I am just finished one.

No crumpled receipts or used tissues hidden in the dark depths - woop woop!