30 Days of Me: Lou's Day 4

Posted by Lou. The time is 11.19am here in London UK.

A habit that you wish you didn’t have

I am always late for work. Always. Even when I try really, really hard to be on time, I will be late. In fact, I'll probably be later than usual.

The only times I have gotten to work early I have still been late as I was there later than the earlier time I was aiming for.

I can think of one single instance of being genuinely early, but it was my first day back after a trip to New Zealand so the sole reason for it was jet-lag.

I'm generally on time for everything else, it is just work - though I think this is to do with my wisdom in rarely committing to anything early on weekends/ days off.

I believe the fundamental reason for this is that I sleep badly - ie I will never, ever wake up in the morning refreshed by a solid night's sleep - but really it's just now habit.

Due to the fact that I am not someone who leaps up and leaves the second the clock approaches hometime, it is not something that garners negative comment by The Boss.

So I guess it's fine, right?

Hmm perhaps I'll try and be on time every day next week...