30 Days of Me: Lou's Day 1

Posted by Lou. The time is 11.50am here in London UK.

A recent photo of me:

Well here is me on the same day,
as captured by Bel on my Lomograph Action Sampler.

15 (probably-not-so-)interesting facts about me:
  1. Just like Bel, I always check that I am putting headphone earbuds into the correct ear.
  2. Through those headphones I tend to listen to the same songs repetitively for weeks, in cycles, rarely adding any new music.
  3. I love musicals. Quite a lot. And am proud of it. Singers with "musicals" voices tend to appear in my playlists a lot.
  4. Subsequently, I lament the lack of singing ability with which I was born. (Not that I'm tone deaf - I'm just not blessed with the natural musicality required to really belt out an Eponine or a Fantine.)
  5. Unfortunately I tend to be a really apathetic person when it comes to "activities" and "hobbies" so taking the logical proactive step of doing something like singing lessons will just Never Happen.
  6. Not that in general I'm an apathetic person - I am extremely active about many things, such as moving city/ country/ changing degree/ changing job/ demanding pay-increases etc.
  7. I'm also generally optimistic and always assume that things will work out in the end. The phrase "It'll be fine!" often passes my lips.
  8. Things usually are fine.
  9. I think this is due to me not really having any definitiveness in how I want my life to be or what I want to do or where I want to be.
  10. Hence I sort of have accidentally ended up living in London for 4 years and counting.
  11. For the vast majority of those 4 years I have both lived and worked by the Thames. For some reason being by water - despite the fact that I rarely go swimming - is a Very Important Thing in my life.
  12. Another Very Important Thing in my life is sleep. I am definitely a night person though, and thus have a deeply held sense of resentment towards having to get up every weekday in the earlier half of the morningtime to go to work.
  13. On workday mornings I drink coffee and then switch to tea in the late-morning/ afternoon, often consuming up to 5 cups throughout the day. I also drink a vast quantity of water throughout the working day. I'm down with liquid refreshment, enjoying every type and form (except tomato juice).
  14. Contrarily, I am what might be called "fussy" when it comes to food. But I'm definitely on the positive and easy-going side of "fussy" eaters as I love food and meals out and try new things and am always happy with something.
  15. If I was pushed to decide upon one food/meal as being my absolute favourite - say if I was on death row and needed to choose a final meal - I would probably say Chicken Pad Thai.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Me: Lou's Day 1”

  1. Lou! The earphones thing! We're not the only ones! :D

    You would have to be the most open minded fussy foodie I have ever met...! Do you find that you get favourites and stick to those because they're 'safe' or not at all?? Being a vege backs me into that corner a lot of the time.

  2. I guess I'm just fussy in comparison to my experimental foodie friends who eat stuff like brains. Though in my younger days I did used to pretty much eat nothing but honey sandwiches and roast potatoes.......

    Generally in life (whether it's food, music, friends or whatever) when I like stuff I want to have lots of it and don't want to risk not having the thing that I like in order to try out something new, if you know what I mean. So I guess I'm often not not eating something, but rather just eating the thing I know I really like.