30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 17

Posted by Bel. The time is 1.59pm here in Wellington NZ

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

I would switch lives with anyone who is guaranteed to come sort out my life in that 24 hours. No point in getting to be a rock star for a day if you come back to your own life and find out they've trashed the place while you were gone.

What? I am taking this on too much of a 'Freaky Friday' angle? Whatevs. Here's a list of some women I would happily put in charge of La Vie En Belle for a day - even though I think I would struggle to be able to achieve anything near what they usually do.

Michelle Bachelet

Chile's first female president, a pediatrician, a socialist and speaks half a dozen languages. She's survived torture under Pinochet, exile to Australia AND being a solo mother of three. Bachelet composed her cabinet of 50/50 men and women, narrowed the rich/poor gap in her country and announced decrees such as free access to the 'morning after' pill.

She has just been announced as the head of a new UN agency developed to promote women's issues and tackle inequality head on. This lady's got our backs!

Jean Batten

New Zealand's own Amelia Earhart, Jean Batten, set many aviation records for distance and speed in the 1930s, and even broke and re-set her own - she was the first female pilot to fly from Australia to England and back.

Being a pilot was a man's world, but Batten never let this stop her being glamorous, keeping a white frock in her cockpit so that she could change upon arrival. BONUS FACT: She also used to fly around with her cat, Buddy, in the luggage compartment.

Frida Kahlo

This woman never let having a disability or a mess of a love life hold her back. She intwined her culture, sexuality and intelligence into artwork in a way that the world had never experienced before, letting her personal contributions become universal musings.

I would happily let Frida paint, cook, wardrobe-makeover and interior decorate her way through 24 hrs of my life, but she would have to stay away from the menfolk!! And ladies. Hmmm.