30 Days of Me: Lou's Day 22

Posted by Lou. The time is 4.00pm here in London UK.

What makes you different from everyone else


To be honest I think the overriding uniqueness in my life is the fact that I sort of have a weird set of interests and sub-cultures to which I subscribe that all kind of contradict each other, and add up to an existence in which I never feel completely comfortable of part of anything, but also without ever feeling entirely uncomfortable or removed from something.

This runs from the fact that I'd be just as comfortable at a fantasy board game afternoon as I would be at a theatre after-party; which is just as comfortable as I'd be at a Cuba St retro-chic crafternoon or a wanky television event; which is just as comfortable as I'd be amongst the old ladies at a Michael Ball concert or dancing along to Gogol Bordello in a sweaty Camden venue; which is just as comfortable as I'd be passionately discussing my beliefs at a feminist meet-up or drunkenly chanting "youfuckedup! youfuckedup!" a rugby match; which is just as comfortable as I'd be at a barn-dance or a drinking champagne at a film premiere.

Okay when I write it down like that it just seems quite normal and much like everyone else - but sometimes I feel very aware of how disparate my interests, hobbies and tastes are and how none of them entirely seem fully like me but how as a summation they sort of add up to something that works relatively coherently towards describing me as a person. And I guess that's what goes for all of us, right?

Oh, and there's that whole "irrational fear of bicycles" thing.

{I was going to insert an image here of a comically
smashed up bicycle... but it turns out that
"bike crash" is not an advisable thing to do. At all.}

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