30 Days of Me: Lou's Day 17

Posted by Lou. The time is 9.00am here in London UK.

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Contrary to Bel, there is no freaking way I would let someone be me for 24 hours (I can't even stand people picking up my mobile phone, let alone having free reign over everything). So I'm coming at it purely from the perspective of what I could do/ experience/ learn as someone else...

I would absolutely do the old cliche and spend 24 hours being the President of the US of A.

I would nose through the files to see who really did kill JFK, whether Marilyn did really top herself, if there was actually an alien landing back in the day, and if they did for reals make it to the moon. If any of the conspiracy theories turned out to be true (ie, when it turned out the CIA killed JFK and the moon landing was filmed in Utah) I would totes call a press conference and reveal it to the world.

After I'd stirred up some shit I'd then use my powers to their maximum in effecting positive change... but I dare say that in attempting to do anything I'd discover just how much the President's hands are tied. BUT as long as I had access to the truth of Who Runs The World I could blow the lid...

Then after a long day of havoc and leftie idealism, I'd go find that infamous red button and pretend to push it just to see everyone's reaction.


Oh wait, I forgot something important. I would drink a LOT of water so that I could gain maximum experience of peeing standing up.

AND, I'd get really, really drunk knowing that someone else would have to deal with the hangover - HIGH FIVES.

(Ooooh, and I'd also try a deep-fried mars bar - something I have studiously avoided in fear of what it would do to my insides.)