30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 22

Posted by Bel. The time is 10.10am here in Wellington NZ

What makes you different from everyone else

Often, it is being vegetarian. I am that annoying one at dinner who has to double check everything and refuses to have a taste of your delicious bacon and egg pie, even though you're offering a "non-bacon-y" bit.
Other times, it's that I believe in God. Christians these days do a lot of dumb shit, so chalking your name up on that list generally means the rest of society is a bit bemused and concerned about your need for a "crutch" or obvious lack of knowledge about Science. I find it an awkward fit, because I don't go to church and can't stand so much of what is done "in God's name", but still look for somewhere on that spectrum for my faith.
Most obviously, it is that I am overly tall with ridiculously big feet and orangutan arms. Shoe shopping is a nightmare. Finding cardigans that don't expose my wrists is near impossible. And all of those cute flirty short skirts look positively obscene once I get them up over my hips. It's also problematic in group photos, where I either have to choose between killing my quads by crouching down to normal height while people snap away, or risk looming over everybody else like Godzilla in the Tokyo streets.
More subtle is my unique propensity for mispronunciating the word "wary" no matter how many times I am corrected. (I think my way is better.)

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 22”

  1. Hilarious as this post is I need to go through here point by point...
    1) Being vegetarian is most excellent, it means an environmental awareness the UN has just come out and endorsed.

    2)I would personally say 'God' is a name for something spiritual outside and above ourselves. I think whatever name you chose to give that spiritual awareness is up to you and if that's what you feel is correct then it is. It ain't a competition on "who's right" as much as some stupidheads within a religion would like us to believe.

    3) You are not overly tall, you are perfectly gorgeous, goddess-like and statuesque. Imposing rather than godzilla baby. :) As for shopping send emails demanding better fits. This is what happens when we all get squeezed into a 'one size fits none' category. As for the skirts, bah humbug. You've got gloriously long legs, you should flaunt 'em and leave the rest of us shortie women envying you.
    In the photos stand up straight and be proud... or alternatively take a lot of shots sitting down/draping yourself over chaise lounges.

    4) Ha ha ha! Awesome.


  2. Hahahha you are too much!!

    Points taken ;) xxx

    PS word verification= blingsom
    As in, the sight of her wearing new high heels was totally blingsom.