30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 1

Posted by Bel. The time is 3.30pm here in Wellington NZ

A recent photo of me:

Lou took this when she was over here at Easter. We were on the Eastbourne Ferry (first time for both of us!!) and there was a false alarm about some penguins. Since then I have seen both a penguin AND a seal, both whilst on Sunday drives around the Miramar peninsula.

15 "interesting" facts about me:
  1. My driver's licence expired in February of this year. The last time that I attempted to drive a car, I crashed it.
  2. I speak French.
  3. I do social media stuff for a job and yet am intensely paranoiac about online anonymity and already have qualms about all the personal stuff this wee project involves.
  4. I always have to put my earphones in the ear that they are designated for, i.e. I check that the earphone labelled R always goes in my right ear and the one labelled L in the left. Aaah, that's better.
  5. I am very nearly six foot tall.
  6. My feet are enormous.
  7. I have two younger brothers who are bigger than me.
  8. I am an optimist.
  9. My favourite colour is red and I think it always has been.
  10. I have been an obsessive diary/journal keeper for many years. I have boxes of writing stashed away, and always have something in which to scribble in my bag or next to my bed.
  11. I am always the one who remembers. Incidences of me not remembering are unusual and remarked upon.
  12. I have been tattooed three times. Someone I don't remember at Studio 801, Hamilton; Dean/Slick of Sacred Tattoo (when he was still at Illicit); and Jane of Chapel Tattoo, Melbourne, at last year's Auckland Tattoo Convention.
  13. I got made redundant last year and it suuuuuccked*. It was a sharp reminder of the importance of pies and their need to have fingers in them, for one.
  14. My mum and my grandmother (her mum) are both artists. My grandad (her dad) was various things, including a conscientious objector, offshore oil rig worker, owner of his own personal, rigged-up pokie machine and bestower of nicknames. I don't have a relationship with my grandparents on the other side.
  15. I'm a vegetarian, including seafood. I mean, excluding it. From my diet. You know.
*Not because the job was particularly awesome, but because getting paid regularly is.

One thought on “30 Days of Me: Bel's Day 1”

  1. FYI: A recent notable occasion of Bel's memory failing her: Forgetting that the Coens are adapting The Yiddish Policeman's Union for cinema. And I did very much remark upon it.