December = microblogging AKA Bel is lazy

| Posted by Bel | The time is 11.40am here in Wellington NZ |

It sounds like Lou might have a bit of time on her hands over the next month, living in the lap of... redundancy, but I'm going to be caught up in that hideous feverish end-of-year time warp.

Remember that work project I was berating myself about when caught up in the ultimate self-absorbed procastination of 30 Days of Me?? It's still dragging out. We're due to go live next week, but Monday has already been bumped to Wednesday and with the buttload of tasks I have to complete before that is even possible, I'm still here, preambling my ramble.


My decision is that I shall have the indulgence of blogging this month. But in teeny tiny doses. See you (a little bit) soon!


Here is a very old photo of me on my front lawn with a teeny-tiny horse and teeny-tiny house.

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