5 Days Till 30: 10 years ago today...

Posted by Lou The time is 9.00am here in London UK

Where were you and what were you doing ten years ago?

Coincidentally I started to write this post to go live on 7th November 2010, and then realised that this is actually ten years to the day from probably my most infamous drinking event ever.

I was living in Hamilton and it was the end of my second year of uni. We had just moved into our third flat of the year (one got foreclosed, the next was a short-term lease, then this one lasted us a year), and Cara and I had finished our exams.

We drank vodka and sodastream (I suspect the other flatmate who had moved in was still mid-exams so we were doing this on the sly), and got completely waaaaaasted.

And so - as you do - we decided to go onto campus with Cara's giant poster of Pat Rafter. Dressed in our pyjamas. And matching blue hoodies. As you do. And took photos of us with it, all over campus.

Did I mention that it was the night of the US Election, Gore vs Bush? It was. And this filtered into my alcohol addled mind, and I became determined to find the hidden campus US Election voting booth and cast the deciding vote for Gore.

Then we took photos of ourselves doing brown-eyes in the IT department toilets. Then took a photo outside our soon-to-be flatmate's bedroom. Then lost the film. Then went home.

And that was what I was doing 10 years ago today.

3 thoughts on “5 Days Till 30: 10 years ago today...”

  1. Oh but Lotte, Megan awoke the next morning to find a roll of film sitting on her table with no explanation, having evidently been found by a flatmate in the garden.

    We got it developed and let's just say that even if I did have those photos with me in London I would NEVER release them to the interwebs...