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Back in the early days Bel became a crocodile redundee, so I've decided I get to be a redundasaurus.

This is actually a creature called a redondasaurus, apparently.
I am not sure whether or not it was gainfully employed in the Jurassic Economy.

I'm not a Victim of the Recession, but rather someone who has been made redundant after getting caught in the political cross-fire of the UK media.

I secretly find this quite flattering - I got a compromise agreement and a real proper Solicitor and was able to negotiate (a tiny bit) and in general it was like Making It in the corporate world to be more than just a Cost Cut.

And as I like to look at it, I'm being paid to leave a job I didn't particularly like and certainly wasn't happy in.

So I'm going to have lots of time on my hands. I'll be able to do my upcoming 12 Days of Christmas feature properly with researched and thought-out activities and posts; I'll be able to finally learn to play that effing ukulele; I'll be able to finish that short-film script; I'll be able to see those films I've missed.

And - most importantly - I'll be able to fuck off to the Southern Hemisphere for several weeks :D

So, really, overall, I'm quite happy about it all, if not a little miffed at the way my boss and I have been treated. But thems the breaks and I knew it could happen.

2 thoughts on “Redundasaurus”

  1. Love the caption of your photo. And the photo. And your positive attitude. And perhaps I could finally learn to play my ukulele so we can jam? Maybe...

  2. Photo caption also got a snort laugh outta me! ;D

    Big, big redundobuddy hugs... it doesn't matter why or how or when, it sucks. Hoping that payout is taking the sting out!

    (Word verification is "whock"... HAH)