9 Days Till 30: Memory Problems

| Posted by Lou | The time is 8.02pm here in London UK |

I feel like I'm becoming more and more forgetful... such as continually forgetting to post here!

I have had a slight improvement in knowing what I'm up to in my social life via placing my awesome Nancy Drew diary [from Bel] right by where I do my hair etc in morning. And I have a (mostly) foolproof work system.

But for the inbetween stuff - ie not work but not fun either, like ringing the power company or emailing the landlord - I just never remember to do anything.

I was about to ask if it's a sign of ageing, but I guess it's actually a sign of subconsciously not wanting to do it, so just... not.

(Yes, this is totally a nothing post because I forgot to post and can't think of anything to do from home!)