Harry Potter 7 Part 2: Lou's review

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Let me get the most important thing out of the way upfront:

OhmygodHermione'sreddressarghgetmeoneimmediately! SeriouslywherecanIgetoneIwanttoweariteveryday!

Okay, please assume that I agree with Bel that their acting had improved, the tardis handbag was AWESOME, and that I appreciate that the films have grown with the audience.


I just didn't dig it.

I thought the director made some really odd choices - like Ron's vision of Harry and Hermione that looked like it was inspired by an interweb search of scary fan art from the erotic realm.

I wasn't quite game to google "erotic harry potter fan art" at work

Or the dance sequence - sorry but I just found it weird and uncomfortable in the context of the film, the characters, and the audience. (Even Ruth, who loved the movie, was nervously giggling like "is this meant to be funny, or moving, or...?")

Or the deathly hallows sequence which, while beautiful, didn't seem like it belonged in a Harry Potter film. I guess these complaints add up to a general dissatisfaction with the lack of a really cohesive and distinctive style to this film - Lord of the Rings it is not.

Most of all though, I didn't feel a sense of urgency or suspense, even within the individual action sequences. I know it is extremely difficult to make a film that is essentially just foreplay... but foreplay should be better than this.

I thought the action passed by too quickly without having been woven for full clarity and effect (which made me think they had run out of time in post-production). And - crucially - I didn't get a sense of the looming menace of Voldemort.

But I'm still really excited about the last film...

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter 7 Part 2: Lou's review”

  1. I liked the animated sequence! I thought it worked well. But I did think the 'vision' bit was a bit weird... Rudey nudey!! haha

    I agree re the lack of Voldemort's menancing. One thing I enjoyed about the last film was how it conveyed the way the wizarding world was at war, and how this had spilled into the muggle world. This should have escalated in this film, but instead they over-invested in the personal relationships.

  2. Having seen it last night I can join in and say I agree. What has happened to Ralph? He played Voldie as a snarly type rather than as quietly menacing as he was when he first appeared...

    I have a wee quibble though, I think they did show how it had spilled over... that scene with the overturned caravans with holes in them was pretty shocking. Or it was for me anyway. But the two bits I found most affecting were Hermione wiping her parents memories; and of course Dobby dying...