1 Day Till 30

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Well, here I am in the extra 12 hours of my 20s given to me by Greenwich Meantime, and I have to confess that the 30 Days of 30 didn't exactly go as planned... I didn't really think through the fact that I was going to Vegas for 5 days of it, and that the busiest period of the working year falls in late-October.

A couple of my primary topics remain unarticulated as I just never had the time or mental space to put my thoughts down. An attack on the inability of culture to accept singlehood as a legitimate lifestyle choice for many women is the main one - but that can wait.

Though in a way I think this is personally very good - it emphasises totally that tomorrow is just another birthday. I'm not waiting for the Y2K bug to hit at midnight as something drastic happens to underscore moving into a new numeral bracket.

Having said that, I did have a bit of time to think in Vegas and came up with a few things that I realised I really want to do.

One is finding a pastry course where I can learn to make more aesthetically appealing baked delights and learn more about ingredients and method. Not for any other reason than that I want to.

Another is to use the call function of my phone more instead of just texting or emailing. I can't think of the number of times I've had a protracted text conversation that could have been sorted by phone in 20 seconds. Plus London life means sometimes going weeks without speaking to people.

Also the work situation became crystal clear [last week's big moment was a fizzle due to getting a middling answer - the next day I very strongly expressed that the answer wasn't good enough, then went on holiday after checking that he would come back to me on Monday with a more concrete plan], and I now feel like I've reduced it to a clearer and thus much more easily resolvable scenario. (This will most likely lead to me quitting once and for all.)

Oh, and I realised I'm not a complete sell-out (yet) - the dazzling array of consumer products and money holes contained in the Vegas Strip provided no pangs of temptation. (Well, excpet for that red vinyl handbag in the Bettie Page shop... but I resisted!) So I guess the pull of greater fulfilment will snag me again soon...

Anyway, that's that. Farewell 20s.

2 thoughts on “1 Day Till 30”

  1. It's already your birthday here, Lou! :D

    And thank you for all your lovely interesting posts over the last month!

  2. Flatmate Helen goes to The Make Lounge frequently to do crafty classes, not sure if they do pastry though ...

    Good luck with the final word too ... if it doesn't work out in your favour, it may be a good thing to finally leave the organisation as they have been boxing you in for quite some time. So I see it as a win win either way.

    Happy birthday. So far I can report that being in your 30s totally beats every year of being in your 20s. Have a magnificent weekend of fun - we shall do dinner (starting with cocktails) when I get back to celebrate.