Well that's that then.

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If someone had told me I'd start my 30s by being right, proper fucked I wouldn't have been so against the idea - unfortunately though this one wasn't of the carnal kind.

Before I even had a chance to put my best intentions and proactive self-pep-talks into action I found out that in my absence last week wider workplace situations came to a head and my boss "quit"*.

I did not find this out through him giving me the courtesy of telling me, but rather from innocently coming across an email from the HR Director drafting the announcement.

After more than 2 years of going above and beyond the call of duty, and of displaying super-human loyalty towards him, I've been totally and utterly fucked.

In this situation all I can do is try my best to turn the situation into a positive, so watch this space.

(First of all though I'm going to watch depressing movies and cry, then try and get more than a jet-lagged 4 hours sleep in a night.)

*in our company's speak "quit" does not refer to a necessarily voluntary act

3 thoughts on “Well that's that then.”

  1. Hey lovely lady,


    That's about as eloquent as I can get. I'm really really REALLY sorry you've had this happen to you. And what a bunch of super mega fucktards to not actually tell you.


    Personally I think most HR managers should be taken out and shot at dawn with a pie in the face and yours sounds like no exception. What a clown, and I mean that in a demeaning crap way, not a cute funny one.

    Once you've done what you need to do, cry, rage, and kicked your boss in the shins etc, I hope you might also see there is definitely an opportunity here. Recently remember we talked about your script... and the problem was time?

    Be sure to keep your chin up chick. Go hit the temping agencies, you have great experience and I'm sure you will be able to pick something up to keep you going. Plus, they must have to pay you some sort of redundancy no? Anyway mate. Take care. Keep positive, go and see your friends.