8 Days Till 30: Water

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After yesterday's atrocious effort, Bel sent me a list of actually very good prompts for blog posting.

One of them is:

What's one thing you can't start your day without?

Which is a great prompt for my lecture on The Importance Of Drinking Water.

Probably the healthiest thing I do and the one thing I feel most righteously good about is my excellent water drinking habit.

Every single morning I drink a full glass of water as I'm getting out of bed, and this is followed by about 2 litres during the course of the day (in addition to coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages).

Water is great! You really, really should drink it! Lots of it! Seriously!

You all know the stuff they say - it'll improve your skin and mental performance, etc etc... but really, it does! I am frequently and surprisingly (as I'd never noticed) told I have excellent skin (perhaps this is why I sometimes still get ID'd buying alcohol?), rarely ever get headaches, and for someone who drinks a lot of alcohol and hates working out I am generally energetic and switched-on.

Not necessarily scientific fact, but I can honestly say that becoming a devoted drinker of water did revolutionise my sense of good health.

Generally speaking if you are well hydrated your pee will be clear, and I have heard rumours that you will need to pee about once per hour if gaining optimum refreshment.

[A friend recently mentioned how her colleagues that sit on her path to the toilet must think she has a problem due to the number of times she goes a day - I had never considered this until she said that, and now am uber-paranoid that I am creating the same impression. Oh well.]

Give it a go!

4 thoughts on “8 Days Till 30: Water”

  1. Pee paranoia! Tehehehheheee :D

    I am also an advocate for high levels of water consumption. I like to have a water bottle on my desk, another in my bag, one by my bed, and another in the lounge or just generally floating around the house somewhere. Never know when you might need some WATER!!

    Sipper caps are pretty much the best invention ever. So much easier to drink large volumes of water. I'd never drink such quantities if I had to drink from a measly ole cup all day!

  2. I'm firmly Camp Glass - I have a 1 litre jug I found under the sink at work and now consider to be solely for my own use, and a large glass.

    Unfortunately with my shoulder problem I can't really carry around a bottle of water all the time, which is really fucken annoying when you get stuck on a hot tube...

  3. As I was reading this I reached over automatically for the large glass of water next to my computer. I find that if I feel as though my life is going to pieces, it's simply that I am thirsty.

  4. @ Lottchen - hehehehehe. I laugh in recognition. I've had the same one.

    On a more depressing note, yesterday in one my classes we discussed how the next major world war would be fought over water.

    So, er, drink it while you can???!

    PS - on a juvenile note, my word verification was 'gonack' bwahahahah