Lock me in the attic, it's a new Jane Eyre!

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This looks meeeeean!

I am a fan of Jane Eyre, the book by Charlotte Bronte, and Jane Eyre, the character, having Lou compell me to read it. I'd read Wuthering Heights (written by Emily Bronte, Charlotte's sister) and filed it under "L" for lame and assumed Jane Eyre was more of the same. This was around the same time I made failed attempts to get into Austen, causing a near unrecoverable rift in our friendship.

The book is written in the first person and Jane becomes a friend that you rally alongside, even as you are aware of the fate that lies ahead. (Because SPOILER: a lot of this book's plot is already out there in popular culture and in people's blog headlines and so on.) It's a great story of being caught deciding between the nice guy and the bad boy and about kicking your way up from the bottom, even when no one is expecting that of you.

The film has a great team behind it (Sin Nombre meets Tamara Drewe? Um, yes please!) and, from the trailer, appears to be going with the angle that Jane is a smart wee upstart, rather than a swooning love interest.

So now we just have to wait til MARCH 2011 to see it! Man, and you thought that week until Harry Potter 7 was out was going to be bad!

5 thoughts on “Lock me in the attic, it's a new Jane Eyre!”

  1. I have to say I am also a biiiig fan of JE, but I do like Wuthering Heights too as it conjures up the depressing yorkshire moor and sadness in which the bronte sisters and their brother tried to live.

    Also, Cathy is a REVOLTING character and I always have a sneaking like for characters who are so unabashedly selfish... they are so different to the saccharine heroines/heros we are often presented with. She was also a hysterical pain-in-the arse I will admit.

    I like the Secret Garden for the same reasons.

    But definitely looking forward to this new version of Jane cheers B!

  2. Haha Katee read The Secret Garden for the first time recently and was like, "Gosh, he's kind of rude really...!" as she avidly turned page after page!

  3. Who is that lovely woman playing Jane? My, she looks promising. I am also in agreement with Lou: the BBC series is the best adaptation I've seen thus far, and while Ruth Wilson makes an amazing Jane, Toby Stephens is drool-worthy - dare I say it? - to a Colin Firth Darcy standard. There. I said it. Don't hate me.

  4. Lotte, I'm with you. I think the series and the casting are equal to P&P, and if given the choice between Colin Firth Darcy and Toby Stephens Rochester would find it a hard decision...