10 Days Till 30: An Update

| Posted by Lou | The time is 11.09pm here in London UK |

An update! aka "Oh shit it's 11.09pm and I haven't posted yet today"

  1. I have been on time to work! Lots! Not all the time, but definitely several times!
  2. Today I went to work with my hair did (okay just in a pony-tail with side-sweep clip embellishment) and left it like that all day! With only a little bit of fiddling!
  3. I have been taking both omega 3 supplements and using Trilogy cleanser and moisturiser, and my skin is already back to normal! Though it has been milder weather the last week or so, so I'm not sure whether it's the supplements and/or skincare products and/or weather doing it...
  4. I took the shopping oaths to an insane extreme - I saw a "Betty" dress I loved and didn't try it on because I wondered where I would wear it, then tried on a different dress and liked it but didn't buy it. I was subsequently haunted by it and had to make a trip back to Oxford St (blurgh!) to try on the Betty dress (which in the end didn't fit right), and to buy the other dress (which turned out to be a top...). So correct to not buy things that aren't right, but wrong to not try things on and not buy things that are right.
  5. My Diana+ camera is newly loaded (in a daaaark room), taped, and ready to roll with new-found confidence :D
  6. Still haven't touched the ukulele. But my basics book arrives tomorrow!
  7. I've been feeling more into pilates lately - not in terms of time commitment, but when I do do it I feel like I'm doing it better and getting more out of it. Which in turn should lead to doing it more often... maybe...
  8. Tomorrow I'm going to pro-actively "suggest" to my boss that he give me a definitive outcome on my job issues (ie tell me whether or not I am getting a salary increase) before I go on hols at the end of the week. If they're not going to solve the problem I'm going to quit! Then and there! On the spot! Because if you're going to stand up for yourself, you need to be prepared and ready to take it to the very end.

3 thoughts on “10 Days Till 30: An Update”

  1. Hoorah! I'm not sure what I want to happen more - the raise, or the story to be able to tell that you quit a job then and there with sass.