30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 11

| Posted by Lou | The time is 4.15pm here in London UK |

A film that changed your opinion about something

Um, well, I just watched Lost in Translation again last night and it turns out it really is an excellent film and so I am changing my opinion that Sofia Coppola is not all that great.

You see, the other time I saw it I had never been to a far-off destination, never had a hotel room to myself, never stared at an alarm clock at 4.20am willing myself to be able to sleep, never clicked with a total stranger I wouldn't ever see again, and never had a random disconnected night in a foreign country. To me the film was meaningless and completely lacking in a story.

Put all those elements in place - and repeat, time and time again - and suddenly it all makes sense.

My apologies, Ms Coppola.