30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 15

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A character who you can relate to the most

The first film character to really connect with me (as an adult - obviously My Girl had already achieved it in my youth) was our beloved Amelie.

The moment that cements it is when Amelie's crush has come into her brasserie to meet his enigmatic soul-mate. Unable to handle her emotions face-to-face with him she denies that it is her and let's him leave. Ashamed of herself she physically melts:


This is one of those moments of cinema where I felt a pang of fundamental recognition right in my gut, and knew that nothing would ever so ably capture this emotion.

(I'm yet to be whisked away on a moped to ride laughing through beautiful cobbled streets.)

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  1. hey girls, I O U a thanks because I just watched lost in translation for the first time becoz of Lou's post. Excellent stuff! Hope all is well with you both. Big hugs