30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 8

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A film that you've seen countless times

There was a rich man from Nottingham
Who tried to cross a river
What a dope! He tripped on a rope!
Now look at him shiver.
Beg for mercy rich man!

I may have watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves once or twice in the '90s.

What was with Christian Slater's trousers, btw? Are they domed? Is it a pattern?
Seriously?! This has been troubling me for 20 years!

But of course the real repeat-viewing hero of my life is none other than The Greatest Film Of All Time Dirty Dancing.

Rest in peace Patrick, rest in peace.

Back in ye olde days I discovered that my flatmates had never seen it, so we popped to the video store (do they still make those?) and got it out on an 8 day hire and ended up watching it every day. Not too long ago Cara and I had it on while boozing and let it run through 3 times. I feel like going and watching it right now just from talking about it.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 8”

  1. When I was 7 and we lived in the UK, we went to Scotland to visit some cousins. My dad wouldn't let my girl cousin (a little older than me) play her Dirty Dancing cassette in the car, because he deemed it "inappropriate".


  2. OH MY GOD! Now I remember that version of Robin Hood's single redeeming feature*. Oh Christian, such a bad boy. I would totally kill all the popular girls at school for you.

    * Have you seen the British TV version from the '80s? OMG Michael Praide is like woah