I need 11 more things!

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Have you heard of the Day Zero Project? You make yourself a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and the website helps you keep track.

If you are a dork like me who loves making lists, and realised recently that turning 30 is only eighteen months away, this kind of thing is a goldmine.

My 1001 days takes me to 15th December 2013 and so far I have ticked off one thing on my list (visiting Bridal Veil Falls/Waireinga) and made progress on a few others.

Photo: A beautiful long waterfall being gazed upon by
a young girl in a cap and a woman wearing polka dots.

But I haven't actually got the full roster of 101 tasks yet!

Some things were super easy. Straight to the top of the list were things like going on our honeymoon (one day! finally! eventually!), visiting Lou before she retires and moves back here to spend time with her grandkids, and getting some new tattoos.

But once you get to around the #70s of the list, it gets tough. You either start scraping the barrel (#72: Buy a teapot that pours nicely) or get really honest (#76: Financially stable enough to consider pregnancy).

ETA Here are a few other examples:
  • Write my pepeha/mihimihi
  • Go on a yoga retreat
  • Write a children's book
  • Get a yukka plant
  • Restock on nice perfume
  • Buy a food processor or bench top mixer
  • Go to the Whangamata beach hop
  • Visit the zoo
But now I'm up to 90 things and I'm stuck. Less than a dozen left and my list will be complete. (And then I can get on to making my life complete. Hah!)

Do you any ideas for me? Are you doing the Day Zero Project? Do you have a five year plan?

9 thoughts on “I need 11 more things!”

  1. Ooh I like #72. I could even change it to 'get Lotte to give me a teapot that pours nicely' as you've probably noticed I have quite a few to spare.
    WIthout seeing the list it's a bit hard, but how about (as a crafty blogger represent) some kind of dressmaking effort? Courses are expensive, but perhaps it could be along the lines of making something in the company of someone who makes stuff often (yes, I am volunteering here)

    Other than that, have you ever had a lemonade stand?

  2. #37 Make an article of clothing :D I would love to have a crafty day with you, whizzing something up!

    Lots of the lists are public on Day Zero Project, but mine has some personal financial/health/family goals that I just felt too shy about sharing with the whole wide world.

    Have updated the post with a few more examples though!

  3. Yay - Lotte and Bel crafty day it is! My brain has started ticking - maybe I could make a craft oriented one, 101 things to make in 1001 days perhaps? Oh dear now it really IS ticking away...

  4. My seamstress skills are not quite abysmal, I have even been known to drive a sewing machine upon occasion! But I do need the motivation & inspiration to actually get something like that done...

    This could tie in nicely with #46 Bake brownies or #39 Buy someone flowers!

  5. I have just spent the last 90 minutes compiling a craft related list and I still only have 49 things. HOW is this possible? I even went to the trouble of cheating!

  6. My suggestions:

    - Make a hair accessory (either a fascinator or hairclip).

    - Cook a formal three-course meal for a loved one (feel free to do this one on the trip to see your dear friend Lou (she happily hands over her kitchen to visitors), or you know, you could do it for your husband). Include things like a written menu, fancy napkins, etc.

    - Make a batch of Bel wine, drink it, bottle the remainder, make your own labels, gift to friends. (Keep future retiree Lou one in the wine cellar.)

    - Learn to play the ________. (Xylophone? Accordian? Tin whistle? (I can help with the latter...))

  7. Oooh make a fascinator! Added that. Also added trips to Somes Island and Kapiti Island, which I keep forgetting that I am meaning to do.

    "Learn to play..." Hmm. That really would be a challenge. I am just not musical! And too intimidated by those around me who truly are!

    Hahhaa Lotte - now you feel my pain :P

  8. Nice idea Ed! You will have to help me out with those ones about going to Fiji & going black water rafting :D