30 Days of Film: Bel's day 7

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The most surprising plot twist or ending

As someone who HATES spoilers, I am upset by the existence of this topic. Telling someone that a film has a surprise ending takes away from the surprise!

That said, SPOILERS ahoy.

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I'm only going to name titles here. If you've seem them, you'll know why and let's talk in the comments - if you haven't, LOOK AWAY:
  • Old Boy
  • The Truman Show
  • La Haine
Huh, two outta three are "foreign" films. I guess The Sixth Sense reps it for Hollywood's contribution to the twist ending, but sadly its impact has been dulled by exposure.

A movie whose twist ending I hated? Wild Things. Yeah, ok, sure, that's not really the point of that movie - but still, it's not actually clever when all the information about the twist has been completely left out of the rest of the plotline. (But for some interesting writing on Wild Things, check out This Recording.)

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Film: Bel's day 7”

  1. Hmm the blogger flipout seems to have removed my comment (and your day 8!). I shall repeat:

    Old Boy = OMFG. Best twist ever. Wish I'd thought of that. Please pretend I also named it.

    The Truman Show - would you call it a twist/ surprise? It's a surprise for him... or were you surprised that he leaves? I do absolutely fucken love the way they have his boat hit the edge of the set - such a fantastic moment.

    Wild Things was so boring to me that I actually can't even remember the ending.

  2. Oh yeah, I suppose the premise of The Truman Show is not actually a surprise at all - but I still remembered being delighted at the way it panned out. "I am the creator... OF A TELEVISION SHOW!" is one of my favourite movie lines ever.

    Off now to find my Day 8!