30 Days of Film: Bel's day 12

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A film that you hate

The Killer Inside Me

I only watched 20 minutes or less of this movie before leaving the room and putting on headphones in my bedroom. I felt physically ill. I was upset still the next day and tried to appease some of it by making a donation to Women's Refuge.

The violence and the sexualisation of violence is abhorrent. I feel the film is sadly accurate in its evocation of family violence in that women are most likely to be killed by their partner. Having to see a young woman's face get repeatedly smashed by the fist of her boyfriend as she cries out that she loves him was too chilling.

(Because in case you were wondering and possibly thinking the hype means it's worth watching, when a commentator says "he beats her to a pulp" that is meant literally. You have been warned.)

Don't try and tell me some bullshit about how the film having an emotional impact shows its power of storytelling. I don't wanna hear about the book it was based on and how that somehow justifies the content. You can fuck right off with your explanations of how there is a moral underpinning to balance out other connotations.

There are enough women being murdered and raped in their homes without Hollywood adding a 'sexy' fictional version.

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Film: Bel's day 12”

  1. Even the film's star didn't bother trying to defend the graphic depiction of violence, from memory.

    One of my Avoid At All Costs list.

    (PS I came across a great comment today by a woman (maybe on twitter? maybe on an item about a dumb policesuperintendenttype saying women are responsible for not putting themselves in the path of rape?) who said something like "so statistically we should never be at home and only hang out with strangers".)

  2. SNAP (when I get around to blogging again - not much internet to spare at the moment).

    And I sat through the whole thing because I had to (in a press screening as Sam's guest) ... still makes me fume now.