30 Days of Film: Lou's day 9

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A film with the best soundtrack

Argh, I don't know!! A whole bunch of obvious faves come to mind (Reservoir Dogs, Dirty Dancing, Trainspotting), then the musicals elbow in (Grease, The Sound of Music, The Rocky Horror Picture Show), and then I get more confused thinking of the ones with lovely instrumental music (The Piano, Amelie, even Shutter Island), and do The Beatles' films count? (A Hard Day's Night!!), and I just don't know!

But here are three that might not be the best soundtracks, but they're worthy of note:

High Society

Take a bit of Frank Sinatra, add Bing Crosby, slip in a dash of Louis Armstrong, sprinkle with Grace Kelly, and you've got a winner on your hands.

This song makes me happy:

How did I get to my late-20s before discovering the full wonderousness of Mr Sinatra?

Pump Up The Volume

(Have you guessed who my teen idol was?)

This was the first film soundtrack I remember capturing my affection. I actually taped the songs onto cassette straight from the TV.

Because Bel and I just love YouTube fan videos, here is Everybody Knows:

Now excuse me while I go add this to my LoveFilm list. (Drats - they don't have it.)


I've spoken at length before about how much I love (LOVE) the most known song from this film, Falling Slowly. But this teensy tiny budgeted Irish film also boasts a whole host of other fantastic songs, though unfortunately ones that are difficult to find on YouTube...

Here is If You Want Me, but hey why not give some fringe filmmakers and musicians some money by hiring the whole film?

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Film: Lou's day 9”

  1. Lou! Did you see 'Henry Rollins' written on the side of the cassette tape at 0.30 in the Pump Up The Volume clip!! (Sorry guys, Lou & I have been writing each other extended Sons Of Anarchy fan girl emails.)

    Also, confession: I have never seen High Society. Approximately 8 seconds of that clip, and the sight of the chair Bing in lounging in, was enough to make me vow to hire it from Aro Video this weekend... :D

  2. To add to your desire: it is Grace Kelly's last film, she sings, and she wears fabulous clothes. There is also a sassy female photographer involved.

  3. (PS no was playing the clip in the background of writing my post so did not notice the Henry Rollins reference, but now feel even more like getting hold of this film to relive my teenage love affair with it but this time with actual knowledge of the references. (Confession, I totes didn't know that it was Leonard Cohen who sung the song I was obsessed with. (I have actually thought for many years that I hate Leonard Cohen.)))