30 Days of Film: Bel's day 15

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A character who you can relate to the most

Age approximately 11 years:

Strictly Ballroom

Mum took me to see this at the movies and, as a glasses-wearing dance enthusiast, I was transfixed.

Age approximately 14 years:

I don't know if this so much counts as a 'relate to' as it was an 'aspire to'.

Age approximately 20 years:

Reality Bites
To the extent that I actually considered reading her speech verbatim when I was valedictorian at my graduation a few years later.

Age approximately 24 years:

Garden State
This film hasn't aged well, but it timed itself perfectly with my quarter life crisis and thus served its purpose perfectly.

Age last week:

The Other Woman AKA Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
A frank portrayal of step-parenting that made me want to hide behind a cushion more than once.