Ravioli del Lou

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Us busy Executives (did I mention that I'm an Executive now?) who have an emphasis on healthy eating (to keep us up with our Executive lifestyles) need an arsenal of quick and easy meals (because we work long Executive days), that can also be fun for burning off the Executive stress (did I mention that? The Executive bit? I'm an Executive), and that can be made from whatever-the-fuck is lying around (because being Executives we don't get to the supermarket much).

Tonight on a whim I decided to make ravioli from scratch. (Okay, it wasn't on a whim - it was after watching a cooking show for professional purposes at around 5pm, but I didn't want to mention that as I thought I might have over-killed on the Executive mentions (did I? I wasn't sure if I got the point across? That I'm an Executive now?) so certainly didn't want to bring up that I'm an Programming and Acquisitions Executive in case it just tipped it a little bit over the edge.)

Making ravioli from scratch is theoretically quite simple: bung an egg into a cup of flour with a dash of oil and maybe some salt and perhaps some herbs, mix them into a dough, refridgerate while you go for a run, then roll it out, place a spoonful of filling on, flip the top over, cut and press, boil, eat.

However, when you don't own a rolling pin or any other sort of helpful kitchen equipment it sort of turns into a bit of a drama. But! I used a roll of glad-wrap as a rolling pin! And bunged in some nearly-dying mushrooms mixed with almost-out-of-date cream cheese! And cut them out with a knife! And squeezed them together with my fingers! And it turned out a-okay!

Who cares that they looked just awful?

This is the cooked leftovers - they looked so shite pre-cooking I didn't think they'd be
edible let alone bloggable. You can see evidence of the basil used to make a sauce
(with tomatoes, mushrooms and courgette).

Moral of the story: fun! And yummy! And used up shit that's been in my fridge too long!


One thought on “Ravioli del Lou”

  1. Holy moly, you are a brave woman! Pasta from scratch?! You know you can buy fresh pasta, right? I friggin love ravioli, but I seriously don't think I would have the stamina to pull off something like this...!

    PS what? something about your job??