30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 21

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Favourite Action Film

Can I count The Departed as an action film? No? Darnit. Can I mention it anyway? I really love The Departed. I'm watching it right now.

Leo is brilliant in this film, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise

Okay so an actual action film - Point Break. I love it.

"I am an F B I Agent!"
"Yeah, I know man, ain't it wild?"

Bonus! It's directed by a woman! And not just any woman! Kathryn Bigelow! The first woman to punch her hand through Hollywood's enduring glass ceiling and win the Best Director Oscar!

This is an entirely awesome proposition

Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze (oh Patrick) and Gary Busey are all perfectly bad-but-soooo-good.

"I caught my first tube today... Sir"

Bonus #2! An hilarious cameo from one of my fave rockers, Anthony Kiedis

"That would be a waste of time"

The set pieces are stunning executed and used with (the action genre's version of) restraint.

"You gonna jump or jerk off?"

Bonus #3! The line.

"I'm not going to paddle to New Zealand"


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 21”

  1. Ooooh you know what, I think this is very high on my due-for-a-rewatch list :D

    (And I need to see Infernal Affairs too)

  2. Infernal Affairs is on my LF list but I might make low priority as don't want to see them too closely together...

  3. Glad to see another soul who respects the majesty of Point Break, one of the greatest action movies ever made, made so by many of the reasons mentioned above.