Pet Peeve #11

| by Lou | 8.35pm UK time |

Do you know what really gets on my goat? Filling in an online form for which there is a Country dropdown, and not being able to find the country in which I live.

I don't know about you, but when confronted with listing the country in which I live, I would go straight for United Kingdom.

If United Kingdom isn't there I look for Great Britain.

If Great Britain isn't there I look for Britain.

If Britain isn't there I look for England.

If England isn't there I get really angry and shout "fuck's sake!" and scroll through the list in minute detail, finally finding UK at which point I say "who the fuck wrote this list?!" and click on it and submit the form while muttering "seriously, what the fuck?"

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #11”

  1. Bel, it was your cousin's Starship appeal that had it as UK! (This could now give you an opportunity to link to the appeal if you wanted to.)

  2. Hahahaa I feel your pain - personally and professionally! (nerd)

    And yes there is indeed a blog coming up about my 'cover girl' cousin :D