30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 17

| by Lou | 7:00am UK time |

A film that disappointed you the most

I would put The Time Traveller's Wife here but a) I sort of knew it was going to be shit, and b) it was so shit that it actually pains me to talk about it. I just kind of have to pretend that The Time Traveller's Wife is the-best-book-never-to-be-made-into-a-film, as if it never happened and someday maybe someone talented who actually understands what is so great about the book will give it the adaptation that it deserves.

Here instead is a disappointment that brings up no sense of horror but was rather just one of those "Oh? This is what everyone has been raving about? Really?" moments. At the risk of being lynched because I'm sure you were one of the people raving about it... Here goes:

I was really disappointed by the film Up.

Yes, the opening of the film is wonderful. It would make The World's Best Short Film Ever. And the idea of someone attaching balloons to their house and flying away is fantastic. And the talking dog is clever and hilarious.

But after that... well, didn't you think that after they landed it all got really boring? And that all the crazy man/ jungle/ dog shit was just plain stupid and pointless? And that the high emotionality of the first 10 minutes sort of just emphasises how empty the second half of the film is?

Okay, just sayin'...