30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 20

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Favourite film from your favourite actor/actress

As usual I'm going to overload this due to my inability to pick just one. But as my all-time favourite actor's best film gets the big climactic Day 30 spot of fave film ever I shall skip him and go straight to...

Joaquin. Everybody knows that I love me some Joaquin. And my favourite film of his is of course the wonderful Walk the Line.

Smoking isn't cool, kids

This film thrilled me from the start, with Folsom Prison emerging to the pulsating and addictive beat of Cash's band. The story is cleverly plotted and meaningfully told, the music is fantastic (and sets the bar for other music biopics - how did Jamie Foxx win an Oscar for lip-syncing through Ray?), the romance is swoon-worthy (more so for being real), and Reese Witherspoon gives a perfect (and perfectly dressed) June Carter.

For me the star of the show is of course Joaquin. Two scenes stand out: the halting and indignant audition where a legend is born with a passionate rendition of Folsom Prison Blues (the film uses the first take); and the arrival of the Man in his cocky and charismatic performance of Cocaine Blues at Folsom Prison. Plus, I think he's really fucking hot in the role.

Topping the ladies is Kate Winslet. Whilst I don't like all her films, I always like her in the films. One of my favourites is Revolutionary Road, though perhaps favourite is a strong word to use for a film that leaves you feeling so drained.

Delighting the secret Titanic lover in us all, she reteamed with Leo (oh Leo) to prove why they have gone on from god-awful James Cameron dialogue to become the two greatest actors of their generation. They go at each other with such conviction that it's almost too horrendous to watch.

As ever she injects her role with depth and ambiguity and provides another thoroughly believable portrait of a woman. If you have never seen this film I would highly recommend it, but only on a dark and raining night when you are feeling emotionally strong enough to deal with an absolute battering.

Another film requiring emotional strength is a favourite from my other beloved actor (Ryan), Blue Valentine. (My real favourite is Half Nelson, but Bel has already covered that.)

Almost a contemporary hipster version of Revolutionary Road, Blue Valentine intertwines the intoxication of first falling in love with the heart-breaking process of falling out. The film is utterly excruciating to watch due to the painful realism provided by Ryan and Michelle Williams.

Ryan's performance acts as a caution tale for Women Who Fall For Inappopriate Men [Lou raises her hand sheepishly], injecting the early-20s version of his character with irresistable charm (he had me at ukulele), and flying the flag for emotional manipulation and immaturity in the jaded 30-ish-year-old. Recommended highly to singletons, but definitely a "proceed with caution" to couples.

No list would be complete without Meryl. Always brilliant, I love her in everything. But I think the film that gave me most delight - okay, I confess, I was practically bouncing with joy in the cinema - is Mamma Mia!.

Unapologetically fun and trashy, who can resist?! (Well, Bel, for a start.)

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    Kate Winslet! Feeling the love! I am waiting for her to come back with something thrilling after the disappointment that was The Reader.