Film review: Bridesmaids (summary: Go see it. Now.)

by Lou 1.30pm UK time

Have you seen Bridesmaids yet? No? Why not? GO. GO NOW. Grab your friends and lovers - male and female - and go.

You see, this is a film about women. About relationships between women. And it's funny - OH SO FUNNY, MY GOD - and oh hai it's not really about weddings actually (thanks Hollywood - did it go something like this: "No, we're not interested. Women aren't interesting or funny." "We'll make the title something about weddings?" "Deal" ? Or was it more of a direct: "Oooh this is too funny! People might realise that women are funny - let's call it Bridesmaids and then at least no dudes will find out" ?).

Lots has been said about whether it's feminist, anti-feminist, post-feminist... but really the key points are:

It was written by women.

For women.

About women.

In which women do the things women do in real-life but never on cinema screens.

And it was made in Hollywood.

And it's fucking hilarious.

And people love it.

And lots and lots of men are going to go see it despite the best marketing efforts to alienate them.

Oh, and Don Draper is in it.

And did I mention that one scene in particular is probably the funniest thing you'll ever see in a movie theatre?

Kristen Wiig, you are now a God.

3 thoughts on “Film review: Bridesmaids (summary: Go see it. Now.)”

  1. I will make a point of seeing this with my partner! I have found myself curious about it, and the trailer looked promising. But I did read an interesting article about it in relation to the poster, and how everyone is in sleeveless dresses except for the plus-sized one. Did I send it to you? It would have been a prime candidate to send you Lou as it also talked about the girls in Glee who are made to wear sleeves, and why are fat people not allowed to show their arms?

    I can scurry off to find it if you'd like to read it.

  2. It's one of those issues where I have put so much of my own thought into it that I don't really ever bother reading other people's things (confession: I have read barely any of the chatter about his film).

    There are definite issues with the portrayal of plus-size in this film, but as the character has a personality, confidence, and references the shit they've been through, I decided to go with it. (But on 7th viewing might have problems.)

  3. I saw this on Friday!! :D

    Didn't you love how the groom was barely even in the movie? His character was so underdeveloped it was practically nonexsistent! Whoop! hahahhahaaaa ;)

    Don't let the poster put you off - there are several plus-size actors in this which steal every scene possible.