New shoes: Skechers Best Girl Posh mary-jane wedges

| by Bel | 3.34pm NZ time |

Six hundred million years have passed and I have finally paid off my layby! Whoo! New shoes!

They're the Skechers "Best Girl Posh" mary-jane wedges in black, to be exact. "Best Girl Posh" - that's the official name! I feel like the best posh girl wearing them!

Here is a standard useful photo of the shoe:

And here are some artsy 'lifestyle blog' type photos:

And more! (Oooooh mirrors)

I love mary-jane style shoes and always have. These also have some detailing which makes them on trend with the current brogue fashion. Wedge heels are known far and wide as the most sensible way to get some height - and these are super comfortable as well! My toes wriggle happily and there is nary a blister to be seen.

I got these in what is apparently a Eur 41 / UK 8 / US 11 and they are a great fit. Yay for Skechers! Forgive them for their lack of a "t" in their name and those dumb work-out shoes!

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