30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 18

| by Lou | 4.05pm UK time |

A film that you wish more people would’ve seen

Every single film with a strong female protragonist - particularly where the female is past puberty, has strong relationships with other women, and is engaged in a storyline related to anything other than just-another-fucking-version of being needy towards men and wanting to get married.

This reminds me of a time that I popped in to that DVD store on Lambton Quay that pretends to be better than a chainstore, and took a look at their Top 100 DVDs. (As chosen by themselves, I must specify.) Only 4 had female protagonists, 3 of those were pre-pubescent (Leon, Whale Rider, Spirited Away), and of course 1 those is animated. The other was Alien - perhaps the one time a woman has managed to slip through the net. (Bonus: vagina imagery that isn't designed to titillate!) Assholes.

At this point I will confess I myself have not seen the most recent prominent example of a film fitting into this criteria, Winter's Bone. I SHALL FIX THIS.

This is meant to be the totally awesome "Winter's Boooone" clip of Wayne and Garth giving their Oscars picks on SNL this year. But I can't find it anywhere that is available in the UK - booo hoo!! I shall leave it on in the hopes that at least Kiwilanders can see it *epic sad face*

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